Neil Patel

I have recently been reintroduced to the master of internet marketing named Neil Patel. He is nothing short of brilliant. His information and direction is incredible, thought provoking, interesting and quite comprehensive. I have spent several hours thinking about the intriguing ideas and researching the way I could take his ideas and instruction and implement these things into my more popular website

His articles include how to write a tag line that will make people react, how to write effectively, how important the right SEO is and many other topics that are not only useful but practical. Neil’s insight is nothing short of amazing when it comes to things that should be implemented in every single project.I watched Neil’s webinar and was very excited about the marketing strategies that create success for websites like mine.

The major problem I am having is with all of the information I really don’t know where to begin and trying to go it alone makes it more difficult. The last part of the information journey was when I responded to his questionnaire and the question about my advertising budget was replied back indicating I apparently do not have enough of an advertising budget to be able to make my project get off the ground.

A great portion of Neil’s information is the WHY’s of internet marketing. The thing that separates him from others is that he focuses a great deal on the HOW’s. Most of the other programs I have read and invested time in explains ONLY the WHY’s and not enough of the HOW’s.

I am looking into ways to monetize my site so I will be able to take advantage of more of his strategies and perhaps even signing onto his program.

As soon as you can you should visit and open the door to internet marketing that will revolutionize your thinking.

Thanks Neil for your insight.

Ric Overton

More About Pastor Andrae Crouch

I will remember meeting this great man until my final days. I had attended church at the New Christ Memorial in Pacoima, CA on that Sunday in March of 2013. I really had ZERO idea of what to expect. I went to church that morning not realizing that it was a Church Of God In Christ which, if you are familiar with denominations is Pentecostal in doctrine (I was raised Pentecostal and looking for a Pentecostal church) but is predominately a black church. I realized at that point that I was in for an experience. I assumed I would be welcome and was not intimidated but knew it would prove to be an exciting day.

Praise and Worship started and first his twin sister Sandra Crouch entered from a side door. My heart leaped because this was a lady I had admired since I first heard her music. From the other side of the stage Pastor Andrae walked out and sat behind his piano. It was such a joy for me. Here, just a few feet from me was one of my all time heroes. It was a dream come true.

Here was the thing about the church that I was most impressed by. The love flowed among the people to the extent I was immediately caught up in a heady exuberance and knew there was something different about this group of people. Several people came over and introduced themselves to me. Most (if not all) invited me to Wednesday night Bible study. I wasn’t able to stay for the entire service but was excited to have seen Pastor Andrae in person and could mark that off of my list.

Wednesday night found me with not a lot to do so, I decided to take the church folks up on their offer of visiting them again. I walked into the fellowship hall and noticed several of the folks I had met on Sunday morning and DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THEY SAID TO ME?

They actually remembered my name. “Brother Ric, it’s so good to see you.” “Welcome back.” I was pleasantly surprised. No, wait, “pleasantly surprised” does not describe it. SHOCKED is more like it. In the many years I have been a part of the Church, I have NEVER been treated with such kindness and obvious display of Godly love. I knew at that point that I had found my home.

As was their regular Wednesday night tradition, they served food before the service and had a number of tables in a row and some chairs in the back of the room. Since I was a visitor I took a chair in the back of the room. At some point the guy behind me tapped on my shoulder and asked if I could move my chair over just a little bit. It was a voice I recognized and when I looked behind me to see the face attached to the voice, it was HIM. Andrae Crouch – the image of a childhood hero was sitting in a chair directly behind me. I mean I could reach my hand out and touch him.

In time we became friends and I feel like my life is so much better for it. Pastor Andrae expressed and showed the kind of love and care that so many people lack. Unconditional love.

Moving to Burbank

We originally decided it was time to head back to Nashville, TN. It seemed like the right decision at the time based on the information we had. However, we were offered to come to Burbank, CA. and after careful consideration decided that this was the right move for us at the time.

Moving to Burbank became a really important move for us. Mostly, I would most likely no longer have been in the piano business and it would have become necessary to move into another industry. I have so much passion for the piano business that I think that would have been a really tragic error.


I accepted a position with Hollywood Piano as the General Manager and Tim came into to manage the finances and operations of the company. We have had three successful years here and things have been going very well.

Along the way, Piano Marketing Group which carries Brodmann Piano as well as Geyer Pianos and Dynatone Digital Pianos asked me to come aboard and during my free time help them with the West Coast distribution. I began working with them about 2 years ago and I am so glad I did. This has given me the opportunity to stay a part of the overall piano industry AND stay in the loop with the major changes that have happened here.

One of the coolest things that have happened was being asked to visit The New Christ Memorial Church Of God In Christ which at the time was Pastored by my childhood hero, Andrae Crouch.“>

I am going to discuss this in my next post.

Ric Overton

Our Changing Wrold

There have been so many changes since my last blog I am looking forward to catching you up. Among the biggest changes, I moved to Los Angeles.


I had been wanting to live in Los Angeles for many years and it finally came to fruition a while back. I am now the General Manager at Hollywood Piano in Burbank as well as Regional Manager for Piano Marketing Group. There have been a LOT of changes and I hope to fill you in shortly.

I thought that it was time for me to get back in the game with my personal blog and sharing some new fun stories.

Ric Overton

New PianoSD Venture

Ok so, I know that everything I have done so far has been unconventional so why stop now.

PianoSD is celebrating piano professionals by designing T-shirts and other items that showcase what they do. Whether they are piano tuners, piano teachers, piano movers or any other piano professionals.

I hope you enjoy this new addition and trust that you WILL BUY LOTS OF STUFF !!!!!!!!

Ric Overton

The new PianoSD

As most of you know I have been working on a new website for some time now. In the middle of January we launched the new site and have gotten rave reviews and lots of people signing up on the site. We started with a few “seeds” of teachers and tuners, etc. I have been pleased to see people receiving the site so well and seeing it begin to take root.

At the heart of the site is my passion for teaching. Teaching has been my focus for many years. I mean, it just makes sense that piano teachers are teaching people to use the products that we are selling. How much more basic can you get. So, I believe that we as piano professionals should be focusing on teaching people to play. We don’t necessarily have to teach or support a teaching program but we should be in a situation that we can offer support and aid to teachers and to teachers programs.

This is what was at the heart of the new website. We are listing and cataloging teachers and other piano professionals in the site. Presently we have about 3,000 names and addresses listed and that number is growing like crazy. Now as things begin to slow back down for me I will be able to put more effort into this blog as well as others. Visit today.

Thanks for you support

Ric Overton

NAMM 2012

Every year we have in our industry a trade show that is called NAMM. It stands for National Association of Musical Merchants. We meet in Anaheim to one of the largest trade shows in the country and certainly in Southern California. Every important manufacturer and distributor will be there for a HUGE 4 day event. Every guitar, banjo, speaker, microphone, piano, organ and anything else musical will be there from every continent on the planet.

It is an unusual thing for me. It becomes drudgery to some, but, for me its even more exciting than the first time I ever went in 2004. It also marks a new time of changes and is almost like the mark of the new year for me. I judge practically everything by Winter NAMM. I always schedule my new events and plans around NAMM. Which brings me to the latest.

By this time next week and hopefully by Thursday will be a new BRAND NEW website. Max Morgan of has been working very hard to get the new website up and running by NAMM show. Once it is completed we are going to attempt to bring together the entire music industry in a force that is designed to encourage music appreciation and education across the globe.

We hope to have everything up and running in just a couple of more days. I have many more exciting projects and programs happening and I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Ric Overton

Bay Rum Shaving Product

We have had such a great response on the Turtle Bay Rum products that I thought I should tell you a little more about the company.

The Turtle Bay Rum products that are available here on this blog are from the Turtle Bay Premium Bay Rum Products line at As I said in my last blog, this is one of the best products I have ever used because it is very soothing to my very sensitive skin. I was somewhat reluctant to use any type of shaving cream but, agreed to because I am close friends with the owner of the company. After the very first shave I was so satisfied with the quality of the shave, the closeness and the after feel that I asked the owner of the company if I could carry the line in my new blog e-commerce site.

Turtle Bay Shave Cream

Turtle Bay Shave Cream

The fragrance is a product that I like a lot as well but, since I don’t use colognes that much I have not experienced this one as much. The reason that I don’t wear colognes a lot is because they have a tendency to make me sneeze. I have worn this fragrance several times and had no problems with it at all.

Bay Rum

You have to admit that the packaging is pretty nice.

I think that the reason I have enjoyed these products so much is that it really returns me to the time that shaving was an art. The whole art of shaving was when you used a brush to lather your soap or cream with a hot brush, applied it to raise your whiskers and then used a straight razor to shave with. I don’t use a straight razor but opt for one of the new 5 blade shavers. Somehow a straight razor in my hands at my neck scares me, even with my own hands. Hmmm, maybe I watch to many movies.

I hope that you will take the time to enjoy and treat yourself to an old fashioned shave and that you will enjoy Turtle Bay Rum as much as I have.

Click here to have a look at the products I carry and bare in mind that one shipping charge will cover as many products as you buy. So, load up.

Thanks for reading.

Ric Overton

Shaving Products

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to try a new product that was being made by a friend of mine in Oxnard, Ca. It was a product called Turtle Bay Rum shaving cream. I tried it as a gesture to my friend who was asking for my honest opinion about it. I normally can’t use shaving creams because they have a tendency to break my skin out. I started using plain moisturizing soap when I was in my early 20’s because I couldn’t use the can shaving creams like most of my friends. I haven’t used shaving cream of any kind since.

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving

So, you see why I was so apprehensive about using any type of cream. I pulled out an old shaving brush of mine that I hadn’t used in several years. Ran hot water in the basin and warmed my brush up, lathered up the cream and applied it assuming it would put my face on fire like the last time I remember. Pleasingly, I found the cream to be soothing. Then I shaved like normal.

I shaved like normal and was so happy that my face didn’t break out and my shave was the closest shave I have had in many years and not only was it a close shave but also the moisturizing of the cream left my skin feeling very soft and clean feeling. I was so impressed that I called the folks at Turtle Bay and asked if I could sell their product on my website, they agreed that it would be okay. Please click on the blue shopping cart and take a look at the products or on the e-commerce button under my picture to see a partial line of shaving products from Turtle Bay.

I hope you will try the product soon and how quickly you see the difference. The art of shaving for men is quite unique and should be enjoyed.

Ric Overton